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Creating Digital Postal Solutions

Postal Services Today Must Remain Competitive In Today's Digital World

Postal services around the world are facing ever increasing pressure from the digital revolution.  Faced with rapidly declining mail delivery rates, postal services world-wide are scrambling to find new sources of revenue and in the process redefining their operating models. 

One of the first steps most postal services have undertaken is to consolidate operations as a means to reduce costs.  This is taking place from central delivery points all the way to the final door delivery.  By moving to centralized mailboxes (e.g., cluster mailbox units - CBUs, community mailboxes, etc.) postal services are realized 2x - 3x cost savings per year for customer delivery potentially resulting in billions saved per year.

JURAY Enterprises, LLC provides a solution that compliments the move to mailbox consolidation that not only assists with the cost savings, but more importantly provides customer satisfaction and incremental revenue opportunities for postal services. 



Canada Post Appoints Jessica McDonald Interim President and CEO

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Multi-Channel Advertisement/Coupon Delivery

Direct mail (hard copy) + Digital version

Multi-Mode Transmit & Receive

Method #1

  • Transmit: Handheld Scanner
  • Receive: Smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc. 

Method #2

  • Transmit: GPS Enabled Handheld Scanner
  • Receiver: Smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.

Method #3

  • Transmit: Pre-determined Frequency or 3G/4G/5G radio access for cellular and others
  • Receive: In-home mailbox receiver configured to receive pre-determined frequency w/audio or visual alert & reset button

Additional Benefits Include: 

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Provides greater security
  • Cost Savings
  • NEW incremental revenue sources
  • Ability to leverage existing infrastructure for quick & low cost implementation
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable


You've Got Mail!

Introducing a new innovative patent that enables real-time delivery notification for cluster mailbox units (CBU) leveraging postal service handheld scanners to contact the postal data center (i.e., database).  The data center then sends real-time notification ("You've Got Mail!") plus optional targeted advertising to recipients associated with the CBU.  This patent is entirely new technology. 


About Us

The JURAY Enterprises, LLC postal notification systems was an idea that came from real-world experience.  Bob Batterson (inventor) lived in a neighborhood community which utilized cluster mailbox units (CBUs).  For Bob and most of the his neighbors the CBUs were not within eyesight which required individuals to check mail based on when they anticipated delivery.  In many cases the mail would not have been delivered, thus requiring a later trip back to the CBU.

After experiencing and witnessing others making needless trips to the CBU when the mail had yet to be delivered, Bob had the idea to create a notification system to alleviate those needless trips to the CBU.  Thus, JURAY Enterprises, LLC was born. 

Real-Time Notification

Delivery Notification Process Options

  • Option #1:  Geo-fence cluster/community mailbox address
  • Option #2: Barcode or QR code affixed to cluster/community mailbox
  • GPS or scanner notification
  • Central Post Office database notified
  • Customer associated with cluster/community mailbox are notified via smart phone, mobile device, in-home mailbox, etc.
  • Postal agencies are able to leverage their existing infrastructure (e.g., scanners, networks, mobile/computer apps, etc.)

Supported Notification Scenarios:

  • Cluster/community mailbox - notification via internet
  • Cluster/community mailbox - notification via radio frequency (RF)
  • P.O. Box - notification by either method above
  • Communications networks include: WLAN (internet), 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G cellular, wireless router (WR) and the like


Advertising Applications with Solution

  • Real-time delivery with ad/coupon upon receiving real-time notification
  • Real-time notification with targeted ads/coupons upon receiving notification.  Buyer behavior targeted ads delivered downstream from online retailer (e.g., Amazon.com) direct to real-time notification customer receiving package
  • Real-time notification with bulk direct mail ads delivered to mobile or in-home digital mailbox
  • The recipient will hear and/or see the real-time delivery notification prompting them to view their postal application.  Upon clicking the notification the customer first views the accompanying digital ads/coupons sent with the real-time notification and then the delivery message
  • Advertisers receive at least 2x's ad impressions by complimenting their hard copy ads/coupons with digital versions delivered at the same time.  

Bulk Mail Advertising Presentation

Direct Mail Advertising just got better!  Now you can compliment regular hard copy ads/coupons with a digital version and with our delivery notification system you are virtually ensured the ads/coupons will be seen - doubling the number of ad impressions you normally would receive. 

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